Message from the Chairman


Tom Dadey Chairman

The Onondaga County Republican Party is energized because of supporters like you. Our Party is strong because of our committee members, our town and city leaders, our elected officials and our great supporters. Our Party is not about any one individual... it's about all of us collectively. The Onondaga County Republican Party looks forward to your continued support come Election Day, November 4th.

This year we'll select Republican candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller at our statewide convention in May. We'll also chose a candidate for Congress (NY-24) and select our candidates for the NYS Senate and Assembly as well as Sheriff.

Onondaga County continues to fight against Albany's and Washington's oppressive and unfair unfunded mandates, regulations, and taxation proposals. Our Republican message of less government spending, less taxation, reduced regulations on businesses, and more individual freedoms for our citizens is being shared between our Republican candidates and the voters.

Thank you for supporting our Party and God Bless our Great Country!



Thomas  V. Dadey, Jr.